Introduction: Smart Phone Projector

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This smart phone projector is perfect for home cinemas!!

Step 1: Materials

so to start, you will need: a phone, tape, a large shoe box, a marker, scissors,a magnifying glass, and a clean white pillow case.( the shoe box will need to be black on the inside, like on the pic , if you don't have one like that then you will need to tape a black trash bag to the inside of the box so it is completely dark on the inside)

Step 2: Step 2

Trace a circle the size of your magnifying glass on the short side of the shoe box using the marker.

Step 3: Step 3

Take your scissors and lightly score the part you traced with the marker.Then cut it out and tape around the edges.

Step 4:

Now tape your magnifying glass (or hot glue)to the hole in the shoe box.

Step 5:

Take your phone and set it in the shoe box, making sure that you can fit the top back on the box while your phone is in it.

Step 6:

Go to a dark place , like the bathroom or a closet, and tape the pillow case to the door.

Step 7:

Set your projector on a stool or something flat and the turn the lights off and there you have it, your own projector!!!!( you might want turn the brightness on your phone up all the way to make the picture more clear)

Step 8: Tip

the pic will show up upside down, so your going to want to lock your phone screen and turn it upside down so that the pic will be upside down one your phone but it will reflect in the magnifying glass and be right side up on the pillow case.

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