Introduction: Smart Racing Track With (SAM Lab + Makey Makey + Scratch)

The smart track will navigate the car while the racing time inestead of the street signs.


The materials for the track:

Black foam doard

Copper tape

Glitter foam tape (silver and red) colors

Checkerboard marks

Green papers

Plastic grass mat

Glue gun



The materials for the SAM car:

SAM blocks

SAM space program

2 SAM DC motors block

SAM Slider block

SAM Button block


Step 1: Design the Track

I used a black foam board to design the track by cutting an equal pieces(1 cm wighled amd 30 cm long) from the glitter foam tape to make the boarder of the track, then I printed out the checkerboard and the start and finish signs, then I used illimanation paper to laminate the papers. At the end I add the sticks by pushing it inside the foam board. Now I stuck a green papers in center to add the plastic grass mat above it.

Step 2: SAM Space Program

Start connecting and programing the SAM blocks by using the SAM space program.

1- Open SAM Space, turn the SAM DC Motors, the RGB LED, the Button and the Slider on, and drag them onto the canvas.

2- Connect the Slider to the 2 DC Motors by drawing a line between them. This will be the power of the car.

For the traffic light, connect the Button to a "Counter" Soft SAM to control how many times the Button is been pressed.

Then, connect the "Counter" to 3 "Compare" blocks and each Compare block to a "Color" block in order to choose the color of the Light depending on the input number.

Those 3 "Color" blocks need to be connected to the Light "RGB LED".

Finally to reset the whole system, connect a "Compare" and a "Text" block, with word 'RESET' in it, to the counter.

Step 3: Start Coding

I used a free website to convert text to speech, then I used it in coding.

Step 4: Connect to Makey Makey

I add an insulating tape on the foam board because I found that the foam board conducts the electricity (because of high humidity in our city) then I put the copper tape above the insulating tape, then I made holes in, the board beside each copper tape to push the extra copper tape through it and pull it from the backside and connected with the alligator clips, then to the makey makey.

I Used the SAM lab kit to build the car. I connect the 2 DC motors with the wheels and put them above the yellow piece called body.

Step 5: Test the Racing Track