Introduction: Smart Trash Bin

About: 4D Makers is a group of curious engineers and enthusiasts who finds great satisfaction in creating and building anything from electronics.

A big leap in technology has been made for the past years. Technopreneurs have started inventing things that are extraordinary (from smallest to largest) and things that were in the past just gave a subtle function in the community, now are already given noticed by them; and a trash bin is one of the most talked topics right now.

The project Smart trash bin is something similar. It detects whether the bin is already full or not and automatically opens when someone approaches it. What’s giving it an edge over the other smart trash bins in the market is that it uses a touch screen display that allows the user to interact with the trash bin and turn it on/off. This touch screen display is the 4D Systems’ gen4-uLCD-50DCT-CLB; a 5-inch capacitive touch display module together with an Arduino Uno with the aid of ViSi Environment under the Workshop4 pro version.

Step 1: Build


  • gen4-uLCD-50DCT-CLB
  • FFC Cable
  • microSD Card
  • microUSB Cable
  • gen4–PA
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Micro Servo
  • Jumper Wires
  • Arduino Uno


  • Workshop 4 IDE
  • Arduino IDE

Build the circuit as shown in the schematic diagrams

Step 2: Program

Download the project here.