Introduction: SmartBin

Hello everyone , i'm a student at Howest Kortrijk Belgium and I made a project called SmartBin.

It lets you automatically open the bin when you come closer to it.

It measures the weight of the bin and also how full the bin is.


-IKEA wastebin

-Raspberry pi

-2 ultrasonic sensors

-1 Loadcell

-1 servo motor

-1 breadboard

-Alot of jumper wires


-A pair of scissors



Step 1: Collecting Materials

First of all , you start by buying a bin from IKEA, you can find them everywhere and are really cheap

IoT components (min. € 45 estimated costs):

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +
  • Servo motor SG90
  • 2 x Distance sensor HC-SR04
  • Loadcell HX711 5KG
  • 16x2 LCD display
  • A bunch of cables

Items for the housing (min. € 10 estimated costs):

  • Waste bin from Ikea
  • Pattex Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Spraypaint

Tools used for the project:

  • Visual Studio (front-end development,backend development)
  • PhpMyAdmin(database)
  • scissors
  • glue

Step 2: Find a Piece of Cardboard

then you find a piece of cardboard and place the waste-bin on top of it and cut a big hole in it the size of the waste-bin

Step 3: Cut It

Then cut in half and tape it together with some ducktape. After that you make a tiny hole in the cardboard to fit the servo motor in it and also attach a ultrasonic sensor on the back of the cardboard. Then try to make a small circle with a hole in it of a piece of cardboard, that's for the top of the bin to go up and down , after that attach some string to it and make sure it's attached to the servomotor.

Step 4: Cut Holes

You mark 2 holes around the sensor to cut in it , after that you place the sensor in the 2 holes.

On the bottom also cut 2 holes 1 for the jumper cables of the loadcell and the other one for the charge cable.

Step 5: Hide All Electronics

Now put all the electronics inside the bin and hide it with a rest over piece of cardboard.

Step 6: Attach Velcro Tape

Now attach velcro tape on the bottom of the bin and on the upper-side of the loadcell

Step 7: Electronics

When everything is connected to the cardboard and the wastebin , start making the circuit.

Step 8: Write Code and Create Website

Now that you got your circuit , start building a website and code the functionality's of the smartbin

Step 9: Database Structure

Step 10: Code

Step 11: How Did I Proceed?

  • Searched on the internet what kind of project i could make.
  • Thought about what i would need to make it.
  • Bought everything i needed.
  • Made a sketch on paper.
  • Made the circuit and tested every sensor.
  • Attached everything to the waste-bin.
  • Made the frontend (HTML & CSS) and linked it to the backend