Introduction: Smarter Tourist Map With Chibitronics

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Some maps are way too busy to find exactly what you're looking for with a legend. Use your Chibitronics to make this a whole lot easier by having a touch responsive map that lights up locations when you touch them on the legend.

Things you'll need:

  • Map
  • Large Paper (Recycle some newspaper)
  • Chibitronics LED stickers
  • Copper tape or conductive ink
  • Battery
  • Clip to hold battery

Step 1: Align Your Map

Align your map with the corner of your newspaper. To be safe, you can leave some space in between in case you need to correct some mistakes.

Step 2: Mark Out a Space You Want to Highlight

Here we're going to mark out the V&A Waterfront. It's actually not that hard to find but it will serve as a good example.

...Mostly because I haven't found the other places on the map ;)

Step 3: Prepare Your Battery in a Corner

The larger flat side is your positive. You're going to fold your battery over and clip it to complete the circuit.

Step 4: Ink Out Your Circuit and Place Your LED Modules


Ink out your circuit on the paper and map. On the paper, leave a gap where you're going to have to press the legend. On the map you're going to make a line or patch with copper tape or conductive ink which should come into contact with the space you left and complete the circuit. Leave a small space between two parallel/adjacent lines where you'll place the LED module.

Step 5: Let It Glow

Now place your map back over. When you touch the spot on the legend the corresponding location on the map should light up. You may need to shift the paper a little to make things match better. But that should be fine.
Once you're done you can try a couple more locations and glue your map to your paper to complete the project.