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Introduction: Smartphone Lanyard From Scrap Parts

I love using my new phone as a camera but when I am overlooking water or a long drop all I can think of is DON'T DROP IT! I wanted to add a lanyard to it like a real phone but not have to purchase yet another case. After some thinking I figured out a way to use some scrap parts and my existing case to put my mind at ease.

Step 1: Parts List

My design works great for me with the phone I have and the flexible case, so you may need to edit it for your own phone.


  1. Moto X (2014)
  2. Flexible case (
  3. Electrical Tape
  4. Free convention lanyard

Step 2: Prep the Lanyard

  1. Remove the badge clip from the lanyard, but keep the metal band on the lanyard that makes a separate loop on the end.
  2. On the opposite end loop three inches of 1/2" electrical tape (this helps hold the lanyard in place in my phone's Motorola "divot").

Step 3: Install Lanyard

  1. Slip the taped end of the lanyard through the loop at the opposite end to make the loop for your wrist.
  2. Push the taped end though the mouthpiece hole at the bottom of the case.
  3. Place the taped end on the Motorola divit.
  4. Put the case back on the phone.

Step 4: Done!

Place your hand through the loop in the lanyard and go take some pictures. The lanyard can slip if it is pulled on hard enough so it may not protect your phone from being ripped out of your hand by a thief but it should save it from taking a dip in the river or free-falling off a cliff.

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    Awesome! Cheaper than a store-bought one, and plus you can design it to your style.