Introduction: Smartphone Stand for Photography

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Photographing using smartphones are common in now a days. We use smartphones instead of huge cameras for all kinds of photography and videography. Even though smartphones are having better image sensors, the lack of low light ability is still a problem. The main reason is the stability of the phone. Small shaking or shivering of the hand could ruin the image completely not only during low light but also in well bright lighting conditions. So I'm here to make a stand for your smartphone in which the tilt can be changed according to need of the user.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Tha main materials required for this project are;

1.A paper card board

2.Some paper cardboard boxes(I took the box came with the soap)


4.Scissors,cutting blades



Step 2: Cutting the Paper Cardboard

In this step, I cut the paper cardboard into 4 circles. Two of them are glued together so that they will have good strength to carry a smartphone. The center of the two pieces are pierced so that I could fix a refill of the pen into that hole.

Step 3: Making the Smartphone Holder

A slot is cut on the circles to hold the phone. The circles are glued together with pieces of Polystyrene(Thermocol). I decided to use some coconut midribs instead of gear mechanism.

Step 4: Making of the Outer Box

The soap box is taken and cut two grooves on the top as shown in the image. The phone holder can be placed on these grooves and can be rotated easily.

Step 5: Control Mechanism

The mechanism for controlling the tilt of holder is made as shown. A square piece of thermocol is cutted and put a hole in the centre. At each edges I glued paper cardboard pieces so that it touches the midribs . So when i rotate this, the holder also rotates in the opposite direction. I used a iron nail for the shaft. A plastic cap is glued to the flat part of the nail so that i can handle it easily.

Step 6: Placing the Holder

The holder is placed on the groove of the box above the control mechanism. The control mechanism touches the midribs and when i rotates the plastic cap the holder rotates . The amount of midribs can be increased so that you can have precised movement. The phone can be placed on the slot. Light weighted phones are better that the paper cardboard is not that much strong to hold heavy phones. Using a gear system is better than this. It would be so complex that if gear is used, but gears are nice and beautiful.