Introduction: Miniature Cabin With Coconut Midrib and Card Board

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The Christmas is over now and another year started. But making some crafts which is related to Christmas is not over yet because there is another Christmas coming. If any one saw a wooden cabin with snow covered all over it,the first thing that come to their mind is Christmas. Here I'm giving you some tips that how I made a snow covered wooden cabin with some coconut midribs and card board. The coconut midrib is readily available at no cost. There are several methods available for making a wooden cabin. But this one is easier and it is a miniature one. Even though i took a lot of time making this, you can simply make it without much effort. So let's get started.

Step 1: Gathering Materials.

1.Coconut midribs


3. Thermocol or polystyrene

4 Scissors,Compass,Cutting blade

5.Bold marker,Pencil,Ruler,Gum,Erasor

6.Black,Brown,White paints and brush

7.Green,Red threads

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

The card board is the center and main part of this cabin.It holds the midribs together so that it won't get damaged. I used the ruler and pencil to draw the cabin. The length is 7 cm and breadth is 4 cm. I took the height as 3cm. From the top I draw two arcs using the compass and pencil by taking 3 cm and found the points where the roof sits(The narrow edge). The doors were having 2 cm height and 1.2 cm width. The windows are having 1 cm width and 1.2 cm height. I kept the top portion of the window linear to the top portion of the door for a better look. Using the scissors and cutting blade, the drawn parts are cut.

Step 3: Sticking the Card Board

Before sticking the card board it is better to cover the window part with any oil paper or something. This makes the windows so realistic that it is snow covered and its transparency reduced. If you do not have oil paper with you make one. Pour one or two drops of coconut oil to a paper. Spread it and iron the paper. This gives you a beautiful oil paper. I used this paper to cover the windows from inside. Then stick the edges of the card board.

Step 4: Sticking the Midribs

Now start sticking the midribs to the outer side of the card board. By taking suitable measurements cut the midribs into pieces and stick on the card board. I used some small pieces of the midrib to make a cross in the front windows to make it more nice to see. You have to make the roof also. I took another card board and cut it with 8 cm in length and 7 cm width. This card board is bend and kept on top of the cabin to check whether it looks nice or bad. I used the same midribs on the roof also.

Step 5: Finishing the Structure

The midribs are glued on both the roof as well as the external walls. I used some midribs to make the doors. They are glued inside the cabin over the doorway.

Step 6: Making Additional Things

A foundation is required for the cabin to sit. I took a medium sized piece of Polystyrene and scratch the top part with a knife. This made the top look similar to snow fall. On to this I'm going to place the cabin. A wreath is also good and I decided to make one. For that I cut the edge of a pen refill. Then wound that part completely with a green thread. Over that I wound a small red thread and it just looks like a small wreath. This is so small since the door is small.

Step 7: Completing the Cabin

The cabin is coloured with light brown colour. It is made by mixing a small quantity of white colour paint with brown colour paint. The top part of the roof is glued with two layers of polystyrene to make it look like snow over the roof. The bottom and roof are glued together and kept on the base of polystyrene. I used a small dried plant to make a tree. The lamp post is make from top and bottom parts of pen and a refill of pen. It is completely coloured in black and painted some white over the top showing that it is glowing.

Step 8: Tips for You

You can use a yellow LED inside the cabin and on the lamp post. The wires connecting those can be buried under the polystyrene where it is connected to a battery. The project in my mind was using refills instead of the midribs. You can use that idea which is much more appreciated. Making the cabin smaller than this would be more attractive. You can use powdered egg shell,flour or any other powdered material for the snow. The polystyrene itself can be used for it. The actual cost for it was about 1.43USD(Paints,Brush,Blade,Gum,Thread). I took nearly 8 to 10 hrs for this because of change of plans.

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