Introduction: Smells Like Life



Earth, Fire, Wind, Water; four powerful energies, four flowers grow with four powerful energies. You give them to someone you want to give him/her energy. (Four is a holy number in some religions).

I can’t explain my concept in English so good but it is something similar.

This Instructable can help you to have some ideas for making gift boxes and some tips using Plexiglas sheets. I hope you can enjoy it..

Hey DAD! You can do it too!

Step 1: Tools You Need (for This Size of Box)

1. About 26*22 cm of a sheet of Plexiglas (30*25cm is recommended).
2. About 4 flowers (in this instructables I used roses).
3. Something beautiful for designing the flowerbox like leafs or something similar.
4. For cutting the Plexiglas; scroll saw or you can use Laser-Cutting.
5. Plexiglas glue. (or you can use super glues, I used “coloro-forom” (I don’t know the English word) for my job).

Step 2: Step 01. Drawing Flowerbox Plan (Unwrapped Shape)

Use this image and dimensions to draw your plan, I used AutoCAD program for laser-cutting, you can also use CorelDraw if you want to use laser-cutting system.

In my box I used a secret font for my texts on the top, you can have something similar or any text you want.

note that don’t forget the thickness of Plexiglas and count it into your calculations (you can exactly draw this plan for best results).

-If you want to use laser-cutting system:

-Don’t forget to draw your plan in some layers;

for example one layer in orange for cutting areas, one layer in yellow for (carve or whittle) areas, this means the machine whittle the yellow colors. And at last one layer in white for cutting white areas but with lower power, means that the machine doesn’t cut the whole of thickness (for example it cuts half of thickness and this method can give you many options in some works with Plexiglas).

Step 3: Step 02. Cutting and Bonding

If you want to know how to cut Plexiglas, then there are a variety of ways that you can do it. The best way to cut Plexiglas is with a scroll saw. It is very easy to cut with this tool. If you use the wrong tools to cut Plexiglas, there is the possibility that your Plexiglas sheet will melt because of the heat of the blade. With the right scroll saw, you can work to minimize heat and stop the sheet melting.” (
But! I used laser-cutting system because it is not very expensive for this size of work in my country.
After this step you will have some pieces, you have to bond them together to prepare your box.


Use the image to bond pieces together be careful to have clear bonding because of the transparency of Plexiglas. You can use Superglues or “Coloro-Forom” Material but be careful of smelling! this material can be an anesthetic material.
Now, put flowers and other your materials you want inside the box and then you have your beautiful handmade flowerbox and it’s ready for gifting…!

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