Introduction: S'mores Grilled Cheese

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These ooey gooey S'mores Grilled Cheese sandwiches are just the indulgent pick-me-up you need for fall!

A crunchy and delectable graham cracker-coated crust, oozing with warm melted Nutella, finger-licking Marshmallow Fluff, and a perfectly tangy surprise of Mascarpone cheese -- these sandwiches will make you wish fall would last forever (if you didn't wish that already!).

Step 1: What You'll Need

For these amazing S'mores Grilled Cheese sandwiches, you will need:

  • Bread (any bread of your choice)
  • Graham Crackers (I chose "Honey" flavored, but you can choose your favorite flavor)
  • Nutella
  • Marshmallow Fluff
  • Mascarpone cheese (if your store doesn't have it, use whipped cream cheese. I tried both with success!)
  • Butter

Additionally, you will need these supplies:

  • Sandwich or Gallon baggies and a metal spoon for mashing the graham crackers (or use a food processor, but where's the fun in that?)
  • A griddle, or skillet on the stove

Step 2: Crush the Graham Crackers

Before you begin making your S'mores Grilled Cheese, preheat your skillet or griddle to a Medium heat.

Next, you need to crush the graham crackers into a finer powder. You can use a food processor for this, and it will make it super fast and easy. But seeing as S'mores are a campfire favorite and are usually done 'the old fashioned way,' I went with the baggie and metal spoon approach to smash them.

Empty the crumbs out onto a flat plate in a single layer, and use your hands to crush any large graham cracker pieces that are remaining.

Step 3: Coat the Bread

Apply a decent layer of butter to one side of the first piece of bread. Make sure you get out to all the edges!

Flip the bread over, butter-side-down into the graham cracker crumbs and gently press the bread down. Make sure the crumbs coat the entire piece.

Repeat for the second piece of bread.

Step 4: Add the Deliciousness!

The pictures will show my first attempt (and a possible, albeit way more messy, approach), but I would suggest adding the delicious insides in this order:

  1. On the back of one of the pieces of graham cracker-coated bread, add a full layer of Nutella.
  2. On the same side and same piece as the Nutella layer, add the Mascarpone cheese.
  3. On the back of the second piece of graham cracker-coated bread, add a full layer of Marshmallow Fluff.


Step 5: Get to Grilling!

Mush the two pieces of bread together filling-side-in and graham-cracker-side-out.

Grill each side of the sandwich on Medium heat for about 2-3 minutes (for a total of about 4-6 minutes of cooking per sandwich).

Be sure to make more than one -- the delicious smell of S'mores fluttering through the house will bring EVERYONE in to get some!

Step 6: Down 'Em!

Is your mouth watering yet!?


Ooooohhhhh, these are soooooooo good!!!!

Try them for yourself! -- You can't eat the pictures. ;)

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