Introduction: Pom Pom Pups

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Have you always wanted a puppy, but don't want (or maybe don't have time) for the commitment that's associated with it? Well, here's your chance!

These super cute and fluffy yarn pups will melt your heart!

NOTE: I got my inspiration for this shaggy dog here, but then tweaked the style and approach to be my own.


  • Fluffy white yarn
  • Fluffy light brown yarn
  • Light brown (or color of choice) felt
  • Additional felt (in colors of choice) for decorations
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard (or store-bought pom pom makers)
  • Charms (optional, for collar)
  • Medium and Small black pom poms

Step 1: Create Pom Pom Makers

If you have a store-bought pom pom maker, skip this step.

For the larger pom pom maker, start off by cutting a 4-1/4" x 6" cardboard piece. Then cut a 1" x 5" long gap in the middle.

To make the smaller pom pom maker, cut out a 2-3/4" x 4-1/2" cardboard piece. Then cut a 1" x 3-1/4" long gap in the middle.

HINT: Most ruler widths are about 1", so simply put the ruler in the middle of the cardboard piece (1" down from the top) and draw around it to mark what to cut out.

Step 2: Make the Head

For the head, choose a colored yarn, and use the large pom pom maker.

Start by holding the pom pom maker in your right hand with the gap facing horizontally. Now, hold the end of the yarn on the bottom of the cardboard piece, and wrap it around the cardboard piece 50 times.

When you have finished wrapping the yarn around the pom pom maker, cut the end of the strand. Cut a separate piece of yarn long enough to wrap around the bulk of the pom pom, and push the yarn up from the backside through the gap in the middle of the cardboard on either side of the wrapped pom pom. The yarn will be a horizontal line across the bulk of the pom pom on the backside, and two loose ends on the left and right sides of the pom pom from the front view. (Use the pictures for clarity.) Knot the two loose ends together, pulling the yarn tightly before knotting.

While holding the wrapped yarn in place, use scissors to cut the top and bottom of the pom pom, then slide the pom pom off the pom pom maker.

Fluff up the pom pom by rolling it between your hands to make it round.

Trim the pom pom as needed, or to your liking. The finished diameter of the pom pom should be about 3" to 4".

NOTE: If you want the finished puppy to look more fluffy, be sure to trim the yarn so the raw ends fluff out instead of staying twisted together. If you want the finished puppy to look more shaggy (like a sheepdog), resist trimming the pom poms.

Step 3: Make the Body

Repeat the previous method (continuing to use the larger pom pom maker) to make the body of the puppy, but this time wrapping the yarn around 100 times.

Trim the yarn as needed, or if desired. The completed diameter will be about 4".

NOTE: The more times you wrap the yarn around, the less gaps will be between yarn strands, and the fuller the pom pom will appear.

Step 4: Make the Snout

Repeat the pom pom making process on the smaller pom pom maker to make the snout. However, this time wrap the yarn around only 30 times. Trim the pom pom down so that the finished diameter is about 2".

Step 5: Complete the Nose

To complete the nose, flatten out the snout pom pom, add a glob of hot glue in the center of the snout, and then attach a medium-sized (store bought) black pom pom in the middle.

Step 6: Glue on the Snout

Flatten a spot on the head pom pom (where you want the snout to go, it should be slightly below centered). Glue the snout to the head with hot glue.

Step 7: Glue on the Eyes

Add two globs of hot glue to the head, and two small black (store bought) pom poms to create eyes.

Step 8: Attach the Head to the Body

On the top of the body pom pom, flatten out a spot for the head to go (this should be somewhere near center). Add a glob of hot glue and attach the head. Add more hot glue as necessary to keep the head in place where you want it.

Step 9: Add Adorable Ears

Using whatever color felt that pleases you, cut out the ears. I cut out a shape that was like a pointy oval (with the widest width being nearer to the bottom of the ear) and folded it as seen in the first picture. However, you can make them however you want.

Add a glob of glue where you think the ears should go (typically dogs ears begin nearer to the top of each side of their head).

I decided I wanted mine to point straight up, but you can make them floppy, long, short, or any way you want! (See the very last step of this Instructable for other pups I made.)

Step 10: Add a Collar

Now, its time to add a collar! This is when the puppy becomes part of your family!

I used teal felt and cut a 9" long x 1/2" wide strip. I added a super cute dog print rhinestone onto the collar. If you want to add a charm or a decorative object to the front of the collar, glue it on before gluing the collar around the puppy's neck. To center the charm, put it at 4-1/2". Optionally, you can also add more decorations.

Wrap the collar around the neck area of the puppy, and hot glue the two ends together in the back (overlapping each other).

Step 11: OPTIONAL: Decorate

I added a teal bow on back to cover up the seam I made. But you can add whatever you want, such as a cape or a leash.

Step 12: Complete!

Your one-of-a-kind puppy is now done!

Looks soft enough to cuddle--and it is!!

They're even the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand...what's not to love!?

Step 13: More Pups

Make as many as you want! Dress them up and decorate/style them in fun ways!

You can make about 4 pups from the two rolls of yarn you started with.

I would love to see what pups you make! Please share them in the comments below.

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