Introduction: SnackBag [Needle and Thread]

My name is Caterina and I am a beginner at embroidery (by day I am a teacher, a researcher and a mum). My husband (whose account I'm using) is a fan of instructables and I found out about the Scoochmaroo Challenge by chance. I then read the rules for the challenge and found out that, being from Italy, I could not participate officially. Still, I'd like to share my small work with you all.

It all started because my daughter is going to primary school this year and I had to label everything with her name (pens, erasers, books, napkins, bags, etc.). I decided  to try embroidery and found that I really like it.
Every day, my daughter takes to school a snack for mid-morning break. Her teachers want kids to eat healthy, so they asked us to give them fruit. As I needed a small bag to put her snack in and I wanted to convince her to eat fruit, I embroidered this recycled bag. I was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" for the words and my daughter's teachers for the drawing. Being a beginner, I chose something really easy. I drew the design on the bag with a pencil and then selected the colours. I taught myself embroidery using you-Tube videos (BTW. Thanks Wendi Gratz, you are great!!!). I used two different stitches (I think one is called chain stitch and the other one stem stitch).