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Introduction: Snapchat Hands Free Hack

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Greetings, dear Snapchaters,

in this tutorial I want to show my simple solution for a "big problem" with Snapchat. For all you, who are using a Snapchat, you know very well that you need to hold your finger on the big grey button to record a video and snap it. iPhone has a solution for this (something with gestures bla bla), but I have not found a simple solution for Android phones, so I was thinking why not to solve this problem by using a hardware, not software.

Take a look at the other steps and you'll see what I meant.

I actually never needed to snap something and have both hands free, but I was planning to attach a phone to quadcopter and using most light equipment to trigger recording in mid air, I have never seen someone doing that, so why not to give a shot.

Step 1: Parts

All you'll need is:

-audio jack

-soldering iron (or not even that if you tie your wires together)



-electrical tape

Step 2: Connecting the Circuit

Actually, main idea is to use ground connection from your headphones slot, it will simulate a press with a finger.

Usually green wire is a ground (-) and the other two are just left and right headphone, so connect the green wire with some longer one.

After you have done that, use electrical tape to make a contact between coin and wire, you can solder it too if is possible..

Make something like a stick from electrical tape, you'll use that as a switch, it will be located between coin and a screen. Idea is, that when you want to start recording just remove this peace of tape. You can use some wire or a string attached to it and then pull, be creative. :)

Step 3: Assemble It

There you have it, just tighten a coin over a record button with a electrical tape on your phone with a piece of tape underneath, plug your audio jack in headphones slot and start to record your awesome selfies!

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