Introduction: Snow-chain Toiletpaper Hanger

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When I heard someone say she wanted to make a snow-chain toiletpaper hanger, I had no idea how she imagined that, but when I found a set of snow-chains on a fleamarket I went for it.
I am quite pleased with the result :)

Supplies you are going to need:
A snow-chain. (out of a set you can make 3 hangers)
Angle grinder

Step 1: Disassemble

Take your snow-chain, mine looked like 6 times a H with a chain on top and bottom to keep it together.
I don't know how snow-chains from other brands look, but I guess pretty similar.
First we are going to take the H-shapes apart from the chain.

To get loose H shapes. Put the U shaped links that keep the H and the chain together with their back in the vice. an use a screwdriver to open them. You will need these links to put the paper holder together later!!

Using the angle grinder, cut the link where I drew the red line. On al the H shapes you are using (I used 4)

Step 2: Reassemble

Now we are going to reassemble the parts to be a toiletpaper holder.
Snow-chains ain't straight, so check if the chains are the same length left and right between the O rings, you put a long and a short piece together every time.

I used the vice to close the U shaped links from step 2, since I didn't managed to do so with a hammer.

It should look something like the image now.

Step 3: Add Hooks

With the snow-chain set came also this rubber band with hooks.
I cut the rubber band, and opened the hooks. (in the vice with a screwdriver) Now attach the hooks to those little loose chains (I used the vice to close them)

With these hooks you can open and close the chain, to add your toiletpaper.

I chose to use the metal thing that probably gets used to attach the chains to car tires in my end product. So it is still visible that it is assembled from a snow-chain.

This was my first Instructable, if you have tips on how to make it better, please let me know.