Snow White Leather Laser Engraving.

Introduction: Snow White Leather Laser Engraving.


This is my biggest leather works yet :)

I created for my friend's wedding celebration, this is my wedding gift for them. The engraving text theirs wedding speech, they thold each other in the city hall.

The frame is not my work, only the engraving. I created in Hungary but the celebration was in Canada. The leather size is 55x80cm. I engraved very little laser power because hard to clean the white leather. The engraving work time was 13 hours. (This is may record time engraving :) )

I started 8pm. and I woke up every two hours, to check on.

Thank for watching, and I hope you like it :)


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'd like to know how you kept it so clean. It could be easier on a non-suede leather, but I've found the residue from laser engraving gets all over.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'd probably go crazy cleaning out the entire bed beforehand with this sensitive of color/material combo! Or he must already keep his laser cutter sparkling clean. He did mention that he used a very low power setting, which means very little of the lased leather has residue, and I would guess is subsequently very well controlled by a filtration system, fans, and compressed air that are commonly employed in most laser cutters.

    Neat idea, I'd love to see some more details on how it was made. What kind of laser engraver? How'd you upload the text? But it looks really awesome, thanks for sharing!