Introduction: Snowman

All you need to make a snowman is:

1. 3 Balls: Big, Medium and Small

2. White cotton or silk cloth

3. White Ribbon or Thread

4. Red Chart paper

5. Black Paper and black marker

6. Santa Clause Red Hat

7. Pins to Attach the hat and nose

8. Green Muffler

9. Small tyre

10. Duct/scotch tape

· Place the balls over the tyre in such a way that the biggest ball is at the bottom, medium over it and the smallest on top of the medium. Attach the balls with each other from the bottom with the help of the duct tape.

· Now use the white cloth to cover the balls from all sides. Make sure that the tyre is also covered with the white cloth. Tie the white cloth from the bottom of the small and medium balls with the help of the ribbon or thread in such a way that it gives the glob look as shown in the picture above.

· Make a cone out of the chart paper and put it inside the Santa Clause Red hat. Please it over the small ball and attach it to the cloth with the help of the pins. Make sure the fall of the hat comes at one side of the snowman’s head.

· Now make eyes with the help of the black paper in the shape of cubes and attach it to the cloth on the small ball with the help of the pins or scotch tape. Now make a cone out of the red chart paper and place it under the eyes in the middle of the face and pin it to the cloth. Make a happy smiley under the nose with the help of black marker.

· Wrap the muffler around the neck, right under the face of the snowman that you just made. Make black buttons in a line from top to bottom in the middle of the medium and big ball as shown in the picture. Your snowman is ready; place it in a corner like I did in the provided picture. Take some nice pictures with it and share with your friends this Christmas. Hope you enjoyed this art craft.


Saira Shah