Introduction: Soap From Oil in 1 Minute (Cold Process)

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Hi everyone, in this simple tutorial I will show you how to get the soap using olive oil!

It's really simple and the process is called "cold"

Means you will not have to use any heat source and the reaction itself produces the energy we need

If you want you can see the video about the tutorial, it's only 1 minute length.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

For this experiment it's really simple and easy recover the ingredients! Yes it's chemical reaction but is similar to kitchen recipe ;D

You need only 3 Things:

-Olive oil 1Kg

-Sodium Hydroxide (be careful) 128gr

-Water 300 gr

In this natural way you don't need hard chemical or difficult operation!

Step 2: Chemistry!

This chemical reaction is really simple to make, but you need little chemistry to describe...It's called Saponification

click the link here to read about this process --- >

In pratical you need to mix the water with the sodium hydroxide (NaOH) a lot of heat is produced, be careful and use the gloves, because this solution can burn your skin

after mix the solution of soda with the oil

Step 3: Mix!

All you have to do now is mixing the two compounds with a mixer, use only steel for this reaction and not alluminum!
After 5 or 10 minute you can see the solution get solidify.. check the image, While reaching that consistency stop the process.

Step 4: Put in the Mold

now you need only a mold to make the shape of your soap...

Use of baking paper to foderate your mold... put the soap inside and close the box or cover with a towel , leave in a dry place.

Step 5: Leave for 1 Day

Leave the soap in you mold for 1 day and after remove from the box...

I used a knife to make the shape of my soap more clean..don't throw away the powder of the soap, we can reuse in the future for make liquid soap!

Yeah I know, my soap it's similar to piece of cheese!

Step 6: Finish! Let's Test!

Now yo need only to test, in the video i show the efficacy of this soap...
this soap is natural and you know all of this ingredients...

Comment below what do you think...thank you so much for the attention!

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