Introduction: Soap With Used Cooking Oil

Easy and cheap way of making soap.
Avoid the obstruction of kitchen pipes and the polution made by the used cooking oil!

Step 1: Materials

You will need this materials to make a good home made soap.

Step 2: Soap Recipe and Fabrication

First I will give you the base recipe for one liter of used cooking oil.

1 liter of used cooking oil
200 grammes of caustic soda (NaOH)
400 milliliters of warm water
40 milliliters of softener for clothes

1. mesure the cooking oil and put on a recipient after filtering impurities out
2. mesure the water
3. weight the caustic soda
4. dissolve the caustic soda with the water (use mask, glasses and protection gloves because the mixture will boil and release toxic gases)
5. join the mixture with the oil
6. stir 15 minutes with a wooden spoon, until the prepared becomes consistent and put the softener for clothes to give the soap softness and fragrance

Step 3: Final Preparations

Put the soap in diferent recipient and let it dry two days. You will see when you can take it out of the containers when we turns white.

Let it curate two weeks, the soap will turn much more soften.