Introduction: Soccer Ball Cap

One day I was out on the tennis court at my school and we were playing Soccer. It was good fun until my friend, David, kicked the ball so hard (without much accuracy) onto the road. It was quickly popped by one of the cars driving by. The sound it made was AMAZINGLY loud! I jumped over the fence and grabbed it and my friends and I fought over it until the teacher told us to put it away.

Little did they know I 'borrowed' the ball from Patrick.`

The same weekend I made the 'Soccer Ball Cap". It was my way of entertaining myself on boring weekends, I can never find that perfect project for the weekend but this one was perfect.

Step 1: Materials

The materials used in this Instructable are meant to be easy to find and most you will be able to substitute for something else if you don't have them.

They are:
- A Soccer Ball (preferably popped/burst)
-A Baseball Cap
-Bulldog clips/Safety Pins
-Things used to sew (no skill required)

Tools required:
-Scissors (small and big)
-Gloves (that a pin won't pierce)

Step 2: Prepare the Soccer Ball

Basically all you have to do is remove the rubber inside the ball and cut it. For removing the rubber you just have to rip all the bits out, the rubber in my soccer ball was orange. The next part is to cut it, I marked out with a sharpie and a ruler the halfway mark and then cut it with the bigger scissors.

Step 3: The Hard, Boring Part

This step involves you positioning the cap within the cut half of the ball and sewing it together. The cap won't fit perfectly but we'll solve that problem later. To hold the cap still I used Bulldog Clips. After that you just have to sew the hat to the ball. I did this by borrowing my moms sewing kit and going around the edge with the needle and thread and just going over and under, I finished off with some pretty fancy made-up knots. Because the hat is too small I cut it halfway down. After you've done this the hat will be secured but won't be properly sewed to the ball. At this stage I just sewed some random spots to the ball with the needle and finished off again with a knot.

Step 4: Tidying Up

Now all I did was, with the small scissors, I tidied up the edges of the soccer ball so it didn't rub on my ears.

Step 5: Done

Now you're done! I plan to post another Instructable on accessories for this awesome hat, All in all it took me about 3 hours to build. Have fun and know your the coolest guy around with your awesome hat!
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