Introduction: Soda Bottle Cap Container

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These bottle cap container are pretty awesome. The coolest part about them is that there pretty much free, look cool and serve a purpose. Check your recycling bin or grab a couple bottle of soda or what ever. It works best when using the the same caps for the container. It requires to caps to make. This is a smaller container but still can put a lot of stuff in it from bullets, shark tooth, coins, geocaches, etc. It only takes a few tools to make also which is nice. Here's how to make one for yourself.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

soda caps two

soda bottle


something heavy

Step 2: Cut Bottle

This project requires to caps one cap that is used you can simple unscrew it from the bottle and set it aside. The other cap will stay on the bottle you will cut. Before cutting the bottle its a good idea to rinse out the bottle so that it is clean and not sticky. When cutting the bottle poke threw the bottle toward the top with a scissors and cut off the bottle part of the bottle. This cut is just to make the actual cut easier to make. Then if you look at the bottle on the neck it goes down straight cut around the rim of the bottle leaving the space from the rim the width of a cap. The other cap will placed onto this part.

Step 3: Adding Cap

Completing the container is fairly easy if you cut the bottle right. This can also be done with other color caps to distiguish which is the top and the bottom. The top will turn off like a normal cap does. The bottom will stay in place. After you have the bottle cup put your second cap on the rim of where you cut. If you cut it to short the cap wont stay on. If you cut it to big the cap wont fit on. Once you think you its right set the cap on it. have to the top cap on as well. Place the container on the ground with the cap on top of the rim. Use your heal to pop the second cap onto the cut part of the bottle. It will make a sound and you will know its on. Look at the container to make sure you made a seal. Then you should be able to unscrew the top cap and theres your container. This can also be made with other bottles too.