Introduction: Soda Bottle and Duct Tape Storage Container

Fast and Easy to make.More uses than i can think of.

Step 1: The Intro

I have been making soda bottle top containers for over 20 years now, and have(and still do) use them for everything from storing salt & pepper,paracetamol,ink cartridge,USB flash drives,Zumbuk. To using them for herbs,spices,rubs,oil,vinegar,matches,tea,coffee,sugar while out camping.

And that`s not forgetting, fishing hooks,weights,splitshot,lures, plasters and antibiotic ointment in the tackle box. IF it will fit ,i normally use them, i even tuned one into popper type surface lure, however that one ended up in a tree on the 3rd cast, so no idea if it would work.

My long winded Intro point is,, they are probably the most versatile recycling item i can think of. And they take all of 5 min to make.

Now a little disclaimer here,If you are going to use them for human consumption items, Don`t use duct tape, Use a food safe adhesive.

Step 2: Items Needed

The photo says it all,

Two wide mouth soda bottles, I found a couple of lucozade bottles.

A pen knife(any sharp knife will do, i have used a Stanley knife before as well)

Something to smooth down the edges of the cut line when completed,if needed, (i used the file on the pen knife, but sanding block, sand paper will do, i have even used a concrete paving slab before a quick fix)

And most important of all, the tape, i had a handy roll of Gorilla duct handy,but pretty much any will do.Electrical insulation tape works well.

Step 3: How To

Score the neck of the bottle,Use firm pressure with the blade and just turn the bottle with your off hand, With a sharp blade it only takes a half dozen revolutions to do the job, just be careful,if you do it to hard, and the knife slips, or cuts threw the plastic , you end up needed plasters for your thumb, yup, i speak from experience,easy does it.

When you have both tops cut off, file down any sharp edges there might be, and give the tops a wash and a dry.

Step 4: How To--Part Two

Tear off a 10 inch/25cm strip of tape.

And from that tear off a width of about 1/2 inch 12mm.

Place the tape on the neck of both tops like the photo above and just roll it on.

Step 5: And You Are Done

And that is it, add the caps, and you have a water resistant storage container, takes all of 5 min to make.

There might be a gap were the tops meet on the inside that are a little bit sticky, but i have never found it to be a problem.

i`ve had some go threw the wash with flash drives in them, came out dry the other side, and on one heart braking occasion, dropped my take box over board, and when i finally managed to fish the box out of the river two weeks later, the contents of the container were still dry, and that was at a depth of a couple of meters.

Probably the most simple of instructables on here, but with tape,a knife and a bottle that is just plastic waste, why not turn it into something useful.

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