Introduction: Soda Can Planters

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Friends, today am gonna show you how we can best reuse soda cans as Planters.

Soda can Planters are compact and we can keep it on our workplace, Bedrooms, Balconies etc

Instead of buying small containers for small indoor planters we can reuse soda cans.

Lets see what are the things we need to make this.

Step 1: Things Needed

1. Used Soda Cans


3. Coconut fiber

4. Dried Cow dung

5. Earthworm soil mix

6. Any herbal plants of your choice

Step 2: Prepare the Soda Can

1. take a soda can of your choice and cut the top lid as shown in the picture.

2. Wash the can thoroughly and keep it aside for drying.

Step 3: Prepare the Soil

1. Put the Coconut fiber at the bottom of the can so that it makes the soil moist and can absorb water and make it cool all time.

2. take a dried cow dung, earthworm and soil mixture and mix it well.

3 Once its mixed put this mixture on top of the coconut fiber.

Step 4: Place Your Choice of Plant

As we are going to keep this planter inside our home make sure the plant which we keep is useful for humans, plants like herbal are very helpful in purifying oxygen.

1. I took the Ginger plant for this, as it has good fragrance and can be grown indoor and last for more number of days.

2.Place the Ginger inside the soil and apply few soil above the ginger and apply water.

3.In 2 weeks of time plant start growing.


1, Place the plant were it gets enough sunlight.

2. Water them every 3 days, don't add more water.

Friends i hope This would be very useful for you, you also try this and get use of it

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