Introduction: Soda Can Seedling Container

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You can re-use a lot of small containers to use as seedling containers. From egg cartons to yoghurt pots. I use soda cans for my seedlings. I'll show you how. It's easy.

All you need is:
- some empty soda cans
- scissors that can cut trough the soda can
- soil
- seeds
- water and a self made watering can ;-) 

Step 1: Cutting the Soda Cans

Images say more than...
Just cut the soda cans in two with a strong scissor.

Step 2: Arrange Soda Cans, Fill With Soil and Sow

I've also used the top part of the soda can.
Tip: remove the lid but push back the piece you pushed inwards while opening the soda can. 
Fill with soil and sow whatever you want.
I've sown some sunflowers.

Step 3: Water With Selfmade Watering Can

No (small) watering can? No problem.
Just put some holes in the top of a plastic bottle.
A fun way to shower your plants...

And then we wait...

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