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Introduction: Soda Can Seedling Container

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You can re-use a lot of small containers to use as seedling containers. From egg cartons to yoghurt pots. I use soda cans for my seedlings. I'll show you how. It's easy.

All you need is:
- some empty soda cans
- scissors that can cut trough the soda can
- soil
- seeds
- water and a self made watering can ;-) 

Step 1: Cutting the Soda Cans

Images say more than...
Just cut the soda cans in two with a strong scissor.

Step 2: Arrange Soda Cans, Fill With Soil and Sow

I've also used the top part of the soda can.
Tip: remove the lid but push back the piece you pushed inwards while opening the soda can. 
Fill with soil and sow whatever you want.
I've sown some sunflowers.

Step 3: Water With Selfmade Watering Can

No (small) watering can? No problem.
Just put some holes in the top of a plastic bottle.
A fun way to shower your plants...

And then we wait...

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    7 years ago

    A propósito, amei seu regador!/\/\\/By the way, I loved your watering can!


    well thats why I creased it evenly four times so the sections would be small enough to fold over and not crack. Cause if you only crease it twice and cut it down into four sections then yes they break when you try and curve them. Then i just poke like two to four holes on the bottom. Check out aluminium can ashtrays for more advanced folding ideas if you're interested.


    9 years ago on Step 3

    you've got to cut and fold the edges of the cans so you avoid getting cut, especially if you wanna do this with kids. I like to fold the tops in half 4 equal times and the cut the creases about a 1/4 in down and fold each flap down. And if you wanna get really crazy you can make really fancy ones but they require the whole can just more folding of the strips you have to cut in. Here is one I made earlier this season! (notice the edges)

    6pk seed starter.jpg

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. Thanks for the tip!
    Didn't the edges break at the folding? Mine did so I didn't bother to fold :-)
    I'll try rolling.