Introduction: Solar Cooking With a Cardboard Oven 1.0!

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This instructable hopefully will serve as an introduction to solar cooking.  There are numerous references to solar ovens on the internet, as well as the Instructables site.  I got hooked on it recently and felt others might too if exposed through these instructrables. I have made two instructables, this one, and it's companion: Solar Cooking With A Cardboard Oven 2.0!  I have tried to make them complete but may later make step by step instructables depending on the interest shown.
I was turned on to these concepts by this Article:

Steps involved in solar cooking include:
Making the oven, using two boxes, 12x12in. and 18x18 inches.
The small box is the inner box, and the spaces around the boxes are filled with cardboard, wadded up newspapers, insulation, etc.
Reflectors are made by gluing aluminum foil onto cardboard.
A glass top or lid is cut to fit inner box, and rests on weather stripping. This seals the cooking chamber, and prevents heat loss.
So far, we have been successful in cooking: carrots, zucchini, "boiled" eggs, hamburger, stew, beans, pork chops, chicken, etc. Basically, you can cook any thing you might cook in a crock pot as that is what the solar oven is.
What a great way to go green, save energy, harness the power of the sun, save the heat in the house from cooking there, and so on.
Be sure to check out the companion video:

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