Introduction: Solar Oven 3000

Solar ovens use uv rays from the sun to heat up the object. This happens because the UV rays reflect of the aluminum and into the box. In the box we have black paper to absorb it creating heat, black paper is the best for absorbing heat. These could be useful in places like Africa where there is a lot of sunlight and heat so people can cook food with out having to travel a lot to find resources for an actual oven. These can also be used to save energy and help prevent global warming.

Step 1: Boxes

Get two pizza boxes and cut them in half to create four box halves. then cut them into shield shapes.

Step 2: Tin Foil

After the boxes are cut fully wrap them in tinfoil. That will reflect UV rays.

Step 3: Other Box

Fill the second box with black paper to absorb UV rays

Step 4: Building

Tape the foil reflectors to each other and the box so that they fit together.

Step 5: Plastic

Put plastic or glass above the opening to insulate heat.

Step 6: Optional

Fill the bottom of the box with rocks so that it wont be top heavy and fall over with wind

Step 7: About the Box

The box can get around to 200 hundred degrees on a hot day nearly enough to boil water and slow cook some foods.