Introduction: Solar Powered Pencil Sharpener-Built From Scratch

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In this Instructable ill show how to make Solar Powered Pencil Sharpener-Built From Scratch

How Does it Work

Solar panel is used to power up the dc motor which in turn rotates the pencil sharpener,dont worry during night! because it can work good even in batteries too so go ahead and continue reading my instructable

Practical uses

  • For sharpening Pencils
  • To understand Working of solar Panel
  • Educational tool for youngsters
  • School science Experiment


Tools and Materials


-Plastic bottle(from juice drinks)

-DC motor(45 rpm)

-Insulation tape

-Hot glue


-Strip(to fit the motor inside bottle)

-Binding clay

Step 2: Motorising!

1)The bottom of plastic bottle is cut using cutter

2)Using binding clay the sharpener is attached to dc motor shaft

3)The motor is placed inside bottle

Step 3: Connections

From the hole made behind the bottle the holder wire is inserted and soldered to motor terminals

Step 4: Finishing Up

After the soldering the holder is hot glued to the bottle base

and the finishing is done using the insulation tape

Step 5: Powering It Up!

The solar panel along with the holder attached to its ends it mounted on the plastic bottle wherever convinient

Step 6: Full Video of Making Solar Powered Pencil Sharpener

The video shows Making Solar Powered Pencil Sharpener

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