Introduction: Soldering Stand Upgrade With Fan and Light

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I am making this soldering station by reusing the material and upgrading so it will take away the harmful fumes and give me better lighting and zooming so I can do the soldering worry free .

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Magnifying Glass

Soldering iron stand

Mobile flexible stand

Cpu fan

Alligator clips

Mdf piece

Mdf piece for magnifying glass

Led strip

Step 1: Placing Fan and Stand

Place the fan over the mdf board and secure it with the screws

place the mobile stand just after it by leaving 2 inches gap and make a hole on the point and rotate the screw of the stand in that hole ,it can be bend and rotate easily by turning them with hand,

place alligator clip on the 2 of it's legs and secure them with the zip tie it will be use to grab the module or soldering part

Step 2: Magnifying and Light

Place the magnifying glass over the mdf pice and mark it with pen and cut out the inner circle where can see the opposite side easily ,cut out the part with mini saw or jigsaw,put the led around the magnifying glass as placing it with the hot glue.

Step 3: Final Steps

Place the stand and it's accessories right next to the fan and By turning on the fan and led light now it is ready to use upgraded soldering station which will take away the harmful fumes and gives maximum visibility and lighting so can only worry on soldering

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