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There are a few different types of smokey-eye. They don't really have differential names but I call this style the solid smokey eye because your entire lid is black.

This is my favorite going out look. It stays all night long, even through dancing/sweating. Looks great with little black dresses or jeans and a cute crop top or t shirt. This look can also be revised to any color you want using the same technique and application.

For brown and green eyes, a brown base will make your eyes pop best. For blue eyes, use more of a warm pink/peachy color as your base.

There's nothing left to do but get started!

Step 1: Supplies

For this look you will need:

  1. An eyelid primer.
  2. A warm brown, pressed or loose powder, eyeshadow.
  3. A black, pressed or loose powder, eyeshadow. (Matte or shimmer is fine)
  4. Black cream shadow or eyeliner.
  5. A highlight color, something off white or just lighter than your skin tone is recommended.
  6. An optional shimmer shadow or glitter pigment.
  7. A medium length blending brush.
  8. A short length shading brush.
  9. A tapered blending brush.
  10. An angled eyeliner brush.
  11. A medium sized paddle brush.

I am using:

  1. Soft Ochre paint pot by MAC (Not technically a primer but works better than any other primer I've used)
  2. Uninterrupted eyeshadow by MAC
  3. Carbon eyeshadow by MAC
  4. Aqua Matte Black cream eyeshadow by Make Up For Ever (MUFE)
  5. Blanc Type eyeshadow by MAC
  6. I have an example of a silver and a gold shimmer. The silver is Interstellar eye paint by NARS and the gold is Rubenesque paint pot by MAC.
  7. Brush #217 by MAC
  8. Brush #239 by MAC
  9. Brush #109 by MAC
  10. Angled eyeliner brush by BH Cosmetics (Doesn't have a number but it's part of the 12 piece classic brush set)
  11. Brush #242 by MAC

I've posted a photo with notes of what each product looks like.

Step 2: Primer

Prime your entire lid with your eye primer, using your paddle brush.

Also prime below your brow into your crease and just under your eye.

This will provide us with an even canvas, hiding any veins or redness.

Blend this so that it's an even application all over your lid. You won't be able to see any of this by the end of the process so don't worry if it's not exactly pretty.

Step 3: The Crease

Use your warm brown shadow and apply a generous amount to your brush (I'm using brush #217 by MAC).

You're going to gently press the tip of your brush into your crease. I've labeled where to locate the crease in the photos for those of you unfamiliar with makeup terms.

Your crease is naturally the shape of a rainbow, so you're going to follow the crease back and forth in a windshield wipe motion to apply an even application of this shadow over your entire crease. I go back and forth about 20-30 times. To get a good pigment on your eye, you may have to apply more shadow onto your brush and continue with your windshield wiper motion.

Apply a medium sized line under the outer part of your under-eye. (By outer, I mean the part of your eye closet to your ear.)

Again, go back and forth for an even application.

This is our base color that will, later, help us blend the black up toward our brow bone.

Step 4: Panda Eyes!

Now we're going to turn ourselves into cute little panda bears!

Take your short shading brush (I'm using brush #239 by MAC) and apply a medium thick layer of your cream eyeshadow or eyeliner all over the ball of your lid, being careful to not fully apply into your crease. The black shadow should stop just below the crease where we just applied our brown. The line near the crease doesn't have to be pretty at all. Just ensure the rest of your lid is jet black.

If you don't look like a panda then you're doing it wrong ;P

Step 5: Blending

It's time to blend!

Take your black eyeshadow and apply it to the same brush you used for your base color. Like before, apply the black to the crease of your eye to blend the black cream shadow into the brown base color. Use the same windshield wiper motion.

Do this until there is a seamless transition from the black of your lid to the brown base color below your brow bone.

Step 6: Final Touch

Add one more thin layer of the brown into your crease as a final blending measure.

Take your clean tapered blending brush and go over your crease and lid, in the same windshield wiper motion, to blend any loose pigment together on your lid.

Now you're ready to finish off by repeating the steps under your eye.

Step 7: Under Eye

Same as you did on your lid, take some of your black cream shadow and apply a thin line under your eye.

Use your blending brush to smooth out the cream by doing an upside-down windshield wiper motion.

Add some of your black powder shadow on top of the cream, just like you did on your lid.

Step 8: Waterline

Apply more brown on top of the black you just added under your eye.

Apply your cream shadow/liner (or your preferred black eyeliner) to your waterline. See photo for reference as to where this feature is.

Step 9: Highlight

Add your highlight color (Example shadow Blanc Type by MAC) using your short shading brush (Example brush #239 by MAC), under your eyebrow, and blend it down into the brown of your crease.

Step 10: Shimmer

Shimmer or glitter is an option. I put silver on one eye and gold on the other to show you how each changes the look.

On top, I've applied Rubenesque paint pot cream shadow by MAC. Only apply this over the center of your lid and lightly blend it outward toward the inner and outer parts of your lid.

The bottom photo is of Interstellar eye paint by NARS. Apply with same technique.

You can also use cosmetic glitter or pigment not the center of your lid to give it different tints.

Step 11: Ta Da!

Apply mascara (optional), apply your face makeup routine, add falsies if you'd like, and finish off with some lips!

I've added notes to my lips for products used.

This solid smokey eye style looks great with a nude lip, ruby red lip, or even a black lip if you're feeling bold! I love any look that looks great with black lips without making me look too "goth".

Attached are some photos of how I've worn this look out before. You can even add a cat eye during step 4 if you're fond of the cat eye look!

I hope you love your new going out look!

Now, go out and break some hearts ;)

- Stephyyisms

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