Introduction: Solution for Missing Paint Marker Tip

You go to open one of your paint markers and to your surprise.. the tip is missing. Or maybe not even JUST the tip but someone didn’t put the cap on as well.. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “Awe shit now how the hell am I supposed to use this fuckery?”... or perhaps your saying “damnit babe how many times do I have to tell you to cap it when you’re done and where the hell is the tip??? What do you mean you don’t know????”... Ahhh yes behold the end to your frustration.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- Paint marker with missing tip
- Scissors or Blade
- Worn Out Nail File
- Piece of Testing Paper
- Surface for Under Paper In Case Paint Comes Out Faster Than Expected

Step 2: Step One

Grab your nail file and strip the sand paper off of both sides so it is now just a padded board.

Step 3: Step Two

Take the padded board and the scissors and now cut out a small piece that resembles the missing tip. The padded board allows the paint to be absorbed and draw through and also it is firm enough to write or paint with. (If you cut a small piece off the side of one of the curved ends it creates a fine tip when turned to the side and a fat tip when turned again.)

Step 4: Step Three

Place your alternative tip into the paint marker and press down on your testing paper to draw the paint into the tip. (You May need to shake it a little!) Once you can see it on the paper you’re all set! That easy!