Sonic Toy That Is Really Fun to Make and Use

Introduction: Sonic Toy That Is Really Fun to Make and Use

I got so overwhelmed by the positive feedback from my Road Runner toy that I decided to make a Sonic version of it as well. I thank user "SonicLoverSeth" for pushing me in this direction since it turned out really good I think! :)

For information on how to build it please go to the Road Runner instructable.

PS. the weight is different so I had to modify the screws and nuts (see picture).
PS2. The long end of the cotton swab is at Sonic's head center.

YouTube video below:

Print out below:

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    5 years ago

    hi I tried making this for my son for his birthday but I failed miserably I'm wondering if you consider selling the sonic one


    7 years ago

    In some weird way, I feel honored by this instructable! Thank you very much!!!