Introduction: Sound Reactive Mushroom Light

This circuit dim all LED's when it detect any sound and it work with 3v ~ 5v


  • Precision cut blades
  • Rotary tool, Cutting disk , Drill-bits and Sanding drum
  • Scissors
  • Soldering iron
  • Mixing tools
  • Syringe
  • Knife
  • Wire cutters
  • Sandpaper
  • Hot Glue gun

    Material used (Decorations)

    • Bamboo (Tree bark,sticks and other materials can be combined or used instead)
    • Linen thread (Rustic looks great and you may even dye them green)
    • Paper tube
    • Silicone
    • Steel wire
    • Copper wire
    • Food wrap film
    • Pigment powder (Glow in the dark pigment may be interesting to use)
    • Paper and Glue

    Material used (Circuit)

    • PCB etching kit
    • 3x2222a NPN Transistors (Any general purpose transistor)
    • 3x 10KΩ resistor
    • 1x1MΩ Resistor
    • 1x100nF Ceramic capacitor
    • 1x 1μf~10μf Electrolitic capacitor (Rated above supply voltage)
    • 1x Electret microphone
    • SMD LED (Conical LED's are interesting too)
    • Equivalent Resistors(To led voltage)
    • Power supply or battery (3~5V)

    Step 1: Schematics and LEDs

    Some LED's emit light in different angles this concentrate or spread the light, SMD and conical LED's are great options for this project because

    1. Get 2 pieces of enameled wire and twist(Using Different color wires helpto identify leads later)
    2. Use the soldering iron to remove the enamel on the tip of the wire and tin them (Or just scrape with sanding paper before tining)
    3. Clean the soldering iron an put a blob of solder on the tip
    4. Solder the wires to the led
    • (SMD LEDS)Use adhesive tape to keep the LED from sticking to the soldering iron

    When you finish all of them test and mark the polarity

    Step 2: Mushrooms


    1. Get the candle and carve the tip, leaving it round and with a recess.
    2. Mix the silicone with the pigment.
    3. Put a blob in the middle on a piece of the plastic film and stick the other side in the candle
    4. Cover with another piece of film, spread then use some wire to fix the plastic to the groove
    5. Wait the curing time (if it don't deform when you press you can remove)

    • Big pieces take more time to cure
    • Some plastics increase curing time


    1. Fold a A4 paper sheet in 4 times in half then cut the seams.
    2. Get the the paper and make a paper tube and glue the tip (i rolled on a steel 3mm rod).
    3. Fill the syringe with the mixed silicone.
    4. Twist the copper and the the steel wire coat the wires with silicone Insert the coated wire on the tube.
    5. Use the syringe to fill the paper tube and position the wire as close as possible to the center.
    6. Wait 5 minutes(Wait more if feel like that isn't cured) unroll the paper.
    • Big parts need large diameter wires or a steel wire that can hold the entire mushroom weight.

    When you do all the pieces that you need, some silicone on the tip to join stem to cap (you can make clusters too).

    Step 3: Mounting


    1. Split the bamboo cut some sicks and sand the edges
    2. Cut the big paper tubeand make a holes for the microphone and smaller one for the mushroom
    3. Mark and drill the hole for the microphone
    4. Insert one mushroom or a cluster (try to make them look as close as possible to the real ones)
    5. Start gluing the bamboo and the mushrooms to the tube(try to hide the holesthe best you can,I pressed the stem between sticks)
    6. If needed strip and trim the stick to an adequate size


    1. Cut something with the shape of the tube (Sturdy material preferably) drill holes (Avoid the edges)
    2. Pass the branches hole untwist the enameled wire get a small piece of bamboo, twist around and apply more glue
    3. Now glue the linen between mushrooms and around the circle


    1. Glue the cover on the vase
    2. Solder The resistors on the LED's
    3. Solder all the LED's to the PCB
    4. Solder the power supply wires
    5. Close the bottom

    Step 4: Finishing

    Now you can test and enjoy your little piece of art.

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