Introduction: South Pacific Billis Laundry

This laundry is not hard to build I built this for a play called south pacific. The only thing that might be tuff is having all the accessories like sheets of metal impact drill wood and others but it would be easy to order these things online.You see where the black writing on that board at just get a square of wood and write black painting on there and paint what I put on mine. It's rope rapped around the bamboo and put in to a knot to put the clothes on top of the ropes so it hangs from there to look more like a laundry.

Step 1:

In this picture you see the metal I was just starting to paint it. I painted it red,blue and black but I had a little more red then any color I painted it them colors to make it like rusty. When you put paint on the brush just put a little every time so it can spread better and you can be more in control. That metal my dimensions that I picked to do for this was 3x5. I drilled screw inside the metal it's not that difficult.Then do you see like that wood pieces in the hole they were regular wood pieces I just used a grinder to like round the top piece of the wood then I put holes in them because I had like a pole of wood going through them holes you can use bamboo also to put it through them holes just take a look at the picture closely of what I did.

Step 2:

I got this pipe from online and i painted it grey. But don't be to much worried because later to more complete i painted this black. I painted it grey first because it's much easier to me to paint a color similiar to a color meaning like. If it goes from a light color like white to black it still will work but its more tuff. That's why i painted it grey first darker color.

Step 3:

The bamboo sticks I to attach to the body of this laundry I had plumber straps rapped and on each set of bamboo sticks I had 2 plumber straps around them and I drill screws into the straps to attach them. It's wheels on this scruture to like make it more portable if you want to get it places it's in right where you see the wood in the inside you should put 4 wheels on each corner under the wood corner's.

Step 4:

I had 2 buckets one big one little and on the big bucket I painted the bucket grey with black paint writing on there take a look at this picture. On the little bucket I painted it black with plumber straps around with screws in the straps just drill them in.I used silicon caulking stuff to attach the big and little bucket together. If you look closely you will see a tube connected to the little bucket and across the body of this step 5 I talked about a hole and the tube go from the top of the little bucket inside a hole and I connected the tube to the little bucket I just drilled a screw in it.Then do you see like white stuff that look like soap that is called Giant stuff or you can use foam to make it look like that.

Step 5:

This is not hard you see like the 2x4 wood that's apart of the body I just drilled them in with screws with an impact gun. It's a hole in the body of the structure that wood is all like bamboo little stick's and it's a hole in there I just used garden cutter's to cut the wood to make the wood in a hole.