Introduction: South Park's Buddha Box

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A real, working version of South Park's Buddha Box.

Step 1: Overview

Below a quick overview of the content:

  • Introduction and showcase video
  • Box & electronics
  • Screencasting
  • Design End result

And we need the following parts and tools:

  • Box
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Adafruit HDMI 5" 800x480 Display Backpack - With Resistive Touchscreen
  • Powerbank 2.4A
  • Headphones
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3D Printer

Step 2: Introduction & Showcase Video

Inspired by the "Buddha Box" episode of South Park, let's build our own!

Step 3: Box & Electronics

To start things off, lets fold our cardboard box.

Now we have the box ready, we 3D print the braces and bolts to attach the headphones to the box. To fit our headphones, we have to change the size a bit, some trial and error and they're the right size. To avoid future headaches, we also add some sponges where the braces will rest on our head.

We also print a frame to hold the screen, and cut out one side, to access the inputs.

With that in place, all we need to do is hot glue the Raspberry Pi, screen and power bank. For balance and comfort the powerbank is on the opposite side of the screen. Connect the powerbank to the Pi, and the USB/HDMI to the screen.

The're a few steps needed to configure this specific screen for the Pi. You can find all the information needed, right here.

Step 4: Screencasting

Once the Pi is up and running, start the screencasting app on your phone. This great guide made it super easy and fast!

Step 5: Design

For the box to look the part, we made a Buddha Box stencil and added some tape. You can find the stencil in the files section.

Step 6: End Result

There we go, now you can enjoy some quality, one-on-one time, with your phone!

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