Introduction: Space Artwork Sketch

When I created this artwork it was really fun so check it out!


6B pencil

2B pencil

HR pencil

Step 1: Ufo Outline

Take your HR pencil and sketch the Ufo outline.

Step 2: Ufo Details and Making the Lines Darker

For the details use your HR pencil and for the darker lines use your 6B pencil.

Step 3: Moon and Moon Details

use 6B pencil

Step 4: Earth

When you are drawing Earth outline with your 2B pencil and then go over that with with your 6B pencil, then shade.

Step 5: Draw an Asteroid and Some Little Space Rocks

With 2B pencil draw some small space rocks, with 6B pencil draw an asteroid (optional)

Step 6:

Step 7:

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