Introduction: Space Balls Dark Helmet Costume

This a Space Balls Dark Helmet costume I made completely from cardboard.

Step 1: Creating the Helmet

The helmet is way over sized so it had to be big yet wearable so I could turn my head. I created the round shape with flared bottom by cutting the pieces at a slight angle. The opening is created by laminating two pieces together at the flare so they would hold their shape. I used hot glue for everything. I reinforced the seams with a 1" piece of cardboard glued to the inside.

Step 2: Creating the Dome

The top of the helmet is made by cutting pie shaped pieces with a slight curve to create a rounded dome.

Step 3: The Face Shield

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of this process. I used cardboard to sculpt the face shield in multiple layers. The round vent is a hole punched piece of cardboard. I bought a cheap tinted safety mask and used it to cut the eye lenses and then attached the face shield to the hinged head gear and then attached that to the helmet. This way it fits your head and the face folds up just like in the movie. Be sure to test fit constantly as it needs the proper room to fit and be able to flip up inside. Harder than you'd think! The lenses I glued in AFTER it was spray painted!

Step 4: The Finished Helmet

Once the building of the helmet and face mask is finished you can paint! Again DO NOT put the lenses in yet! (Glue in from the back after painting is done) I used a satin Black Valspar primer / spray paint to paint the helmet and mask. I sprayed the vent separately silver then glued it in after. All the other silver accents are done with a broad tip silver paint pen.

Step 5: Shoulder Pads and Tie & Belt Buckle

Cardboard was used to create the shoulder pads and tie just like the helmet. I used a coffee can to fold the shoulder cardboard over and laminated a second piece over it to hold the shape. Once this portion of the costume was done I once again painted it with Satin Black Valspar primer/ paint and silver paint pen. The belt buckle was created out of cardboard, a 4" wide piece of black elastic fabric from the Jo-Ann Fabrics and some velcro.

Step 6: Ring of the Shwartz

I made this out of Sculpty modeling clay and then painted it with Rustoleum hammered pewter spray paint. 2 plastic green jewels I took from one of my daughters many girly toys finished the eyes!

Step 7: The Finished Costume

To complete the Dark Helmet costume all that was needed was a piece of bacl fabric for the cape, black long sleeve shirt, black running paints, black costume gloves and rubber boots. Oh and don't forget the foam "Mr. Coffee" coffee cup! It was a big hit as I trick or treated with my kids. I was constantly stopped to pose for pictures by the adults who remembered the movie so fondly!

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