Introduction: Space Crib Mobile

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With only 2 months until my son arrives, we needed some things to dress up his room. We are going with a space theme and I decided to create a space mobile.

Step 1: Parts

Items pictured above

1. Mobile Kit.

Purchased through amazon

2. Styrofoam 12" x 1" disk.

3. 1 yard of solar system fabric.

4. 1 spool of yarn.

5. Items to hang off of mobile.

I used 5" kaleidoscope rockets from amazon as well as a Tesla Roadster Hot wheels car..

6. Washers to counterbalance after hanging

I used large washers I had laying around, anything to add weight to balance will do.

Items not shown

7. Elmer's glue

8. Stapler

9. Hotglue and gun

Step 2: Bottom Layer

Place the Styrofoam disk down and cut a circle about 3 inches larger than the disk.

Step 3: Top Layer

Cut the top layer the exact, or even slightly smaller than the Styrofoam disk.

Step 4: Wrap the Bottom Sheet.

Fold the bottom sheet around the disk creating folds at equal distances to take up excess fabric. Pin the folds with the pins pushing in at an angle to pull the fabric tight.

Step 5: Glue Fabric Down.

Glue the fabric on top down with Elmer's glue. adding glue liberally to soak into foam and fabric.

Step 6: Remove the Pins

After giving the glue a few days to dry, remove the pins from the fabric.

Step 7: Staple Top Sheet Down.

Staple in a circle around the top edge being carful not to apply too much pressure and smash the foam.

Step 8: Cover the Staples.

Glue a piece of string in a circle around placing a bead of glue on the top of each staple.

Step 9: Add the First String.

Use a yarn needle to thread a line of yarn through the fabric and Styrofoam. The a knot at the top of the disk. Leave the string hanging down longer than you think you need so that it can be adjusted later.

Step 10: Add a Rocket (or Other Item).

Find the center of balance on the items that you are going to add. For this rocket the center of balance is right at the beginning of the fins. I glued the string on this rocket just behind this point to cause it to point downwards.

Step 11: Add Rest of Strings.

Add the rest of the yard in an x pattern, with one in the very center.

Step 12:

Glue the rest of the items. I glued items with variety of center of balances to cause my rockets to point in different directions.

Step 13: Test Hang the Mobile.

The mobile will likely not hang evenly, unless you have everything perfectly in balance.

Step 14: Get Placement of Counterweights.

With the mobile hanging, place the washers along the edges until you can get everything balanced. I wanted mine slightly off balance to show the fabric off a little more.

Step 15: Attach the Washers.

Carefully pull back the fabric by pulling up the staples. Hot glue the washers in the locations that balanced the mobile, the push the staples back into the foam.

Step 16: Adjust String Length.

Pull the strings up until the items are hanging at a desired height, then tie the strings and trim the loose ends.

Step 17: The End.

Everything should hang correctly, and can be adjusted if needed.

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