Introduction: Space-Dome Mini Paper Planetarium

This is a mini "space dome planetarium". This is a fun project that displays all the main constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. This took just over an hour to make, and is a great educational tool! (the photo on the right is the inside of the finished product) (note: When I say "image 1" it's the first image, when I say image "3" It's the third image going to the right and down etc,)

Step 1: Here's What You Need

1) The PDF printed out

2) Scissors

3) Glue stick

Step 2: To Start

1)To start you want to get the "cover" sheet that has a "circle" on it

2) I recommend cutting it in half to make cutting easier

3) Cut AROUND the circle and into the white part that looks like an acute triangle. Cut ONLY on the line that says cut so you see red lined one

4) Glue the RIGHT red line under the LEFT so you will get what looks like a shallow cone (fourth to the left)

Step 3: Cut Once Measure Twice!

5) Cut out each of the tall printouts (there should be twelve)

6) If you did it correctly it should look like image 2

7) FOLD. Follow the instructions on the line and cut/fold where told (it should look like image 3)

8)) REPEAT. Repeat all the steps until you have ALL TWELVE


9) Now that you have finished steps 1-8 You want to glue the thin end to the "circle" the date should match up on both papers. (view image 1 for help)

10) REPEAT. Do step nine until you have ALL TWELVE glued on

11) More gluing! You want to glue the SIDES to each other (use image 5 for reference) Continue until ALL TWELVE sides are glued together to get a final product (see image 8 for reference)

Step 5: PDF to Download

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