Introduction: Space Saver for Plant Cuttings

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This spring, my aim is to grow so much mint that I can make unlimited Mojitos, from cuttings. I was getting pretty sick of 10+ jam jars full of water and cuttings, so here is my space saving, and prettier solution.

I wanted to make this out of recycled materials as much as possible, these are just things that I already had, the idea can easily be changed to suit your needs/materials on hand

Please message me if you live in the UK and would like a mint cutting, I will happily send one to you at postage cost!

Since making this instructable, I've upgraded how I made it. I'll add my upgrade into the following steps!

Step 1: Materials

Gather the stuff that you need.

- A takeaway box/tupperware/any watertight box with a lid, preferably translucent so that you can see your root growth.

-cotton/thread/twine/sting/wool (edit; instead of thread you can use an old pair of fishnet tights)

- A cutting (or a bunch of cuttings) that you would like to grow - I used basil and mint.

- a knife

- something to cut the thread/twine/string with

Step 2: Chop the Middle Out of Your Lid

With the knife, cut out most of the flat part of your lid (drawn on in purple). You should be left with just the "rim" - the bit that fits on to the top of the box. It doesn't have to be neat or perfect.

Discard the middle part, or save for another project.

Step 3:

Remove the lid from the box, and tie your thread on to the lid.

Step 4: Wrap

Wrap the thread back and forth around the lid. You want enough tension to keep it from sagging, but not enough that it bends the lid.

If you find that it falls off the corners, only wrap around the middle. Alternatively, cut small slits on the corners and wedge the thread in, so it can't move.

Step 5: Again

Repeat the thread wrapping in the other direction. Tie the thread off.

Edit; I have since found the thread moves about too easily when trying to rearrange the cuttings. I have taken the thread off, and put the lid where you would put your foot in a pair of fishnet tights. I twisted it like a hair band, and then pulled the tights over the lid again. I tied them off with a knot and cut the excess off. I found that the gaps with the fishnet tights didn't move around as much as with the thread :)

Step 6: Fill!

Fill your box with cuttings, but make sure that all of the leaves can get enough sunlight, try not to overcrowd.

I made two, one for my mint, and one for basil. Place them in a sunny place, change the water often (roughly twice a week) and watch their roots sprout!

When their roots are long enough to be planted, you can either pull the thread apart to get your cuttings out, or chop your thread.

Step 7: Almost Done

Place the lid back on the box, and place your cutting's stem between the "web" of cotton. the web should be enough to support the leaves, and stop them from becoming wet and rotting. Fill the box with water, ensuring that no leaves on the cuttings are submerged.

Edit; If you used tights, just poke the stem in a gap :)

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