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I have made a 3D design based on the concept of the space elevator and space tourism. The passenger has to travel to the main spacecraft by the space elevator. From there, the passengers get a ride through the mini fidget spinner like spacecraft to the wonderful three-sectioned space ship for space tourism. After enjoying the tour in space the passengers will be moved to the main spacecraft and they are sent to the earth using the command module or using the ring spacecraft which they have traveled through space elevator. The red-colored zone is like the recharge spot of the mini spacecraft. And that's the concept behind this project. (Just a sci-fi).

Step 1: Earth

At first, we are gonna place a sphere which denotes earth. Select the sphere in the basic shape option and place it at the center.

Step 2: The Elevator

Now we are going to construct the elevator using the cylindrical shape. Choose the cylinder shape and place it at the center or somewhere you wish but it should come out from the earth. Give the necessary dimensions and set the color as you wish.

Step 3: The Ring

This is the structure that the passenger is gonna sit and travel to the main spacecraft. The ring structure is placed concentric to the cylinder. Using the duplicate option given at the top of the bar we can just multiple the object as much as we need.

Step 4: Main Spacecraft & Passage

Here I have used the torus shape. The object is placed at the top by choosing the workplane at the top of the cylinder which we have placed before. Similarly, place the passage (which is blue). The pathway which connects the main spacecraft is a matt-technie axle shape which I have used is placed by choosing the workplane on the desired side and adjusting the lengths which connect both.

Step 5: Command Modules

In the Printables option, you will find the command module. Now choose the desired worplane and place the command module that should connect with the main spacecraft all around it.

Step 6: Mini Spacecraft and Launch Pad

Here I have used a rounded windmill blade as a mini spacecraft and the launchpad is the gear. You can find it at the shape generators option. Place the mini spacecraft here and there.

Step 7: The Spot

Now choose the Mobius shape and place a bit away from earth. Duplicate it and place it at different positions by changing the angles. You can choose your color in the custom colors option.

Step 8: Space Tourism (Text)

You can find the Text option in the text and numbers option. Type the desired text and choose the color as you wish.

Step 9: The End

That's the end of this space design. You are done. You can find the project at - space tourism

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