Introduction: Spanish Ring Knot

I used gutted paracord for the ceiling fan/light pull using a marble as a core.

I covered the quarter with gutted paracord as well.

The Spanish ring knot uses a 5 bight, 3 lead turk's head knot as a base.

Step 1:

Seize cord to mandrel and take Working End around mandrel as shown.

Step 2:

Bring WE (working end) over, under as shown.

Step 3:

And continue over one strand

Step 4:

Bring WE under, over.

Step 5:

Place bottom bight under top bight.

Step 6:

Bring WE under, over.

Step 7:

Bring WE to left of standing under, over.

Step 8:

Bring WE to right of standing end under, over.

Step 9:

Bring WE to left of standing end under, over.two.

Step 10:

Bring WE under two. over two.

Step 11:

Bring WE under two, over two.

Step 12:

Bring WE under two, over two.

Step 13:

Bring WE under two and out through the center of the knot

Step 14:

To make pendant tighten the knot around the marble or coin. The WE will serve as the chain or cord of the pendant. Cut the standing end (12 o/clock position) close to the knot.

Step 15:

To make necklace pull the standing end back under two (it is now to the right of the WE emerging from the center of the knot. Tighten the knot around the coin or marble.

I used the "double fisherman's bend or grapevine bend" to complete the necklace. The sliding knots make the necklace adjustable.

You can tie the ends together with an overhand knot or other knot to make a permanent loop.