Introduction: Speaker Finals Project.

So for our school project we were given an assignment to make whatever tecnological device we can with our supplies at home. We were then told to go to this website known as instructables and publish the project here. I decicded to make a mini speaker that can play sounds, and song from phone. I don't happen to have any wires and stuff, but I decided to just make a prototype for now. Here are some of the supplies I have my house that I'm going to use to make my prototype.



- Scissors

- Card board

- Clear tape

- Elmo's glue

- Sharpie

- bottle cap (Using this as a small speaker because I don't actually have a speaker)

- Ruler

Step 1: Basics

So, the first thing I did was to get a unused cardboard box from by garage and brought it upstairs. I then split it open so it's easier for me to sketch the measurements, and cut the designs out. As you can see i messed up a piece because I yanked on it too hard. I realized that doing it gently was a better idea, but luckily for me my garage is like a cardboard graveyard, so I got another unused piece.

Step 2: Sketching

Next up I began thinking of how the speaker would look like and I decided to do something really simple. By just looking at the sketch you can already tell that it didn't take me that long to draw the design. maybe in the future if I had more time I would do a more complicated design with the right components, but for right now I decided with this.

Step 3: Transfering Sketch

Now that I've got all my materials, and I have me sketch with the correct measurements I want, I can now transfer the sketch on to the cardboard so I can cut it out. Now all that's left for me to do is to cut it ut and glue and tape them together.

Step 4: Final Step

Ok, so now that I cut all the sketch pieces on my cardboard, I first made sure I had the right amount of them to build my project. I guess in my previous pictures I didn't have a picture for the temporary speaker I was going to use on my prototype. I decided to use a bottle cap (yes I know I'm broke) as a fake speaker. I then taped them together except for the bottle cap (I used glue for this one). I used tape because whenever I tried to glue them together it would come off.