Introduction: Speed Drop Coaster

This is the Speed Drop Coaster and it is made from the Loopin' Lighting and Serpent Spiral Coasters.  It contains 510 pieces and has 8 steps.

Parts Count:  Make sure that you have all of these parts before you begin building.

Red 66
Grey 33
Blue 21
White 8
Yellow 4

Grey 63
Blue 20
Yellow 5
Red 8
Orange 3
Black 2
Tan Y Connectors 4

Yellow/green connector 17

Black gears 2
Tracks 9
Chain guides 10
Motor 1
Blue spacers 2
Silver spacers 25
Chain links 147

Total pieces 510

Step 1: Base: Part 1

Congratulations!  You are going to start building the base.

Step 2: Base: Part 2

You are on the second part of the base construction where all the loops are.

Step 3: Tower: Part 1

Congratulations!  Now you are on the Tower!

Step 4: Tower: Part 2

You are on the last part of the tower.  After you finish this part you will be on the tracks.

Step 5: Track--Part 1: Hill

You are on the tracks!  You are going to start off by making the hill.

Step 6: Track--Part 2: the Drop

Here comes the first drop!

Step 7: Track--Part 3: Crazy Loops!

Finally, crazy loops at the end of the ride!

Step 8: Chains and Cars

Congratulations! You are on the last step! Now all you need to do is put on the chains and cars.