Introduction: Spicy Pork and Tomatoes With Creamy Pasta

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This is a tasty meal that can be knocked up in about 20 minutes anywhere from a full kitchen to a camp stove, you can substitute the pork for any other meat you wish.

Feeds 4

What you need

Frying Pan

Saucepan x2


Wooden Spoon


400 g Pork Steaks or Chops

200 g Cherry Tomatoes

300 g dried pasta (any sort - I have used twists)

300 ml milk (water can be used if milk not available)

Packet sauces (I used Maggi Kofta and Carbonara, but any spicy and creamy combination would work)

You can make the sauces from scratch if you want - but who's got time for that!!

2 Tablespoons Olive oil

Water (for boiling Pasta/ Sauces)

Step 1: Dice the Meat

Now the main reason that I decided to make this was that I bought some pork steaks from The Mad Butcher (slogan "You just can't beat The Mad Buchers meat!!")(that means something TOTALLY different where I come from!!) and the packaging stated "mums night off, Grill and BBQ, even if you burn it she'll love it"

I was somewhat offended by the insinuation that us "mere males" could only grill, BBQ or burn!!

Rant over

First dice your meat into approx 1 cm (1/2 inch) cubes

Heat some oil (I used Olive oil but any cooking oil will do -- NO NOT CASTROL!!!)

Brown the meat

Put Pasta on to cook, No measuring here I put 4 good handfuls and covered with boiling water, add a drop of oil to stop it sticking

Step 2: Chop Tomatoes and Add to Meat

Like it says above!

I cut approx 200 g of cherry tomatoes in half and added

WOW Trippy photo alert!

Step 3: Add Spicy Sauce

I sprinkled the Spicy Sauce mix over the top and added about 50 ml of water, stirred and allowed to simmer

Step 4: Make Creamy Sauce

I heated 300 ml of milk (ok I used the microwave, but if you are camping use a pan) and added the Carbonara Sauce

Mix thoroughly

Step 5: Drain Water From Pasta and Add Sauce

Again like it says up there ^

Mix thoroughly while on a low heat and ensure all pasta is covered

Step 6: Combine


Total cost was about $10 NZD for four generous servings (or 2 humongous ones if you want (or 1 American Starter dish!!! ;-) ))

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