Introduction: Spider Man Sanitizer

This is an easy way for you to carry hand sanitizer around anywhere. If you want to open a door, spray and open if you want to open your car door, spray and open.




Scotch Tape

Hand Sanitiser Spray

Velcro Strips

Step 1: Fold Paper in Half

Step 2: Cut Paper ¾ of the Way

Step 3: Fold to Fit the Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Step 4: Secure Its Position With Tape

Step 5: Fold Bottom Part and Secure With Tape

Step 6: Checkpoint

You should have 2 parts

The molded paper and Sanitizer bottle

Step 7: Apply the Strip of Velcro to the Paper Mold

Step 8: Secure Velcro to Wrist According to the Size of Your Wrist