Introduction: Spin Art - Discman Upcycle

List of materials

1 skewer

Hot glue gun


Old Discman

Step 1: Switch Location

Open up the discman and locate a small recessed button. This is the sensor that tells the discman whether it is open or closed.

Try poking a skewer into the place and see if the Discman will spin up

Step 2: The Opening Sensor

Once located, you can see the plastic sensor button on the lid. I removed this and glued it in the hole.

Place a small amount of hot glue into the hole and insert the skewer into the hole

Step 3: Cutting Paper to Fit

You can either cut paper into a small square (I did a square just for testing) or a circle the same size as the CD (not larger)

Step 4: Spin It Up

Press the play button and watch the CD spin up

If it doesn't spin up there might be a couple of reasons

1. A dodgy CD that doesn't register won't play and therefore wont spin

2. If 'Open' shows up then it may be because the button isn't completely glued

3. There might be some paper rubbing on the CD which prevents it from spinning up

Step 5: Art Time

Water down some paint (this will take some experimentation) and dribble the paint on

Watch out for the splash (it sprays a little)

Step 6: Admire Your Creation

Once you have finished adding your paint, press the stop button.

Once it has finished spinning you can see your art

You will notice the different colours vary in their runniness and colour intensity.

Have a play and see what you can create. Whatever you can stick to the CD you can probably spin it and paint it.

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