Introduction: Spinning Top

I made a spinning top. I loved these when I was around 3. It is simple but fun. There is one flaw though. It would fall over in printing. You would need support rods. I put this in the silly solutions category because I am easily bored now. Really, I've done everything in quarantine. So being bored is the problemo. So doodads are the solutions. My mom has a 3d printer.



Step 1: Ze Cone

I just selected the cone and rotated it and resized it. All of the shapes are in basic shapes.

Step 2: Cylinder 1

I just resized a cylinder and put it on top. I told you this was simple.

Step 3: Cylinder 2

resized and rotated a cylinder. Again. Simple.

Step 4: Ze Last Step: Bump Thingy

resized a half-circle. Done. Honestly, This is optional this is just for decoration.