Introduction: Splatter Paint

This tutorial has been created with the purpose of explaining how to do splatter art with designs incorporated in the background. It's a super fun activity that can be enjoyed by anyone!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

First you'll need to gather the supplies needed to create splatter art.

1. Paint brushes
2. A canvas
3. Paint
4. Construction paper/cardboard/stencils (if you want a design in the background)
5. Scissors
6. Newspaper
7. Water/Cup for water

Step 2: Cut Out Shapes

Using the scissors and construction paper/cardboard, cut out whatever shape you want! In this tutorial, hearts and two greek letters are used as the shape.

Step 3: Paint the Canvas a Solid Background Color

In this example, two different colors are used for the background. However, usually it's easiest to start with one so that way more colors will stand out on the canvas when it comes time to go crazy with paint. After you've painted the background, be sure to let it dry. If you want a deeper color, after the paint dries, be sure to go over it with a second coat.

Step 4: Lay Out Your Pattern

After the paint has dried, lay out your pattern, whether you're using stencils, construction paper, cardboard, or a mixture! Be sure to place these down in the correct spots as this is difficult to change once you've started painting.

Step 5: Splatter Time

The key to great splatter painting is all in the wrist. Be sure to flick your wrist very quickly if you want thinner lines. If you would prefer more blob-shaped paint, speed is much less important. Typically it is easiest to apply one color at a time, washing the paint brush off in the water after each time.

Step 6: Remove the Construction Paper and Admire!

After the paint has dried, be sure to remove the construction paper/stencils used to create your design. If enough paint is used, the design will stand out, being surrounded by a sea of colors!