Introduction: Sponge Holder

I made a Sponge Holder out of a recycled shampoo and conditioner bottle.


-Shampoo and conditioner bottle

-X-ACTO Knife



Step 1: Prepare Bottle

First step, is to clean the inside of the bottle and let it dry. After the inside of the bottle is dry, remove the cap and tear the label off the bottle. You can then throw away the label and the bottle cap.

Step 2: Cut the Bottom

The second step, is to cut the bottom of the bottle off. I used an X-ACTO knife and it was very easy to cut. You can then throw away the bottom of the bottle because you will not be needing it later.

Step 3: Cut 2 Parallel Lines

The third step, is to cut 2 parallel lines from where the first cut was made on the bottom of the bottle. And cut until around 1 inch from the end on the bottle near the cap. Right when it started getting difficult to cut any further, that's when I stopped. You can also use your sponge for reference of the size of the holder.

Step 4: Cut Around the Bottle

The next step, is to cut around the back of the bottle from the end of the parallel lines. You should just be left with the end of the bottle near the cap and a strip of the bottle that was in between the 2 parallel lines.

Step 5: Cut a Hole

The last step, is to cut a hole near the end of the sponge holder. This is so the holder can hang around the sink spout. I cut a half an inch into the plastic then started to cut the hole. I had to make the hole bigger since the first hole was too small to fit around the spout.

Step 6: Final Product!

And that's it! The reason why I made this sponge holder is because we would leave our sponges all over the counter and its super convenient and doesn't get in the way of washing dishes. I decided to make another one for my dad's house and I think it turned out better then the first holder.

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