Introduction: Sponge and ShamWow Dress

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This is a really easy way to make sponges and ShamWows into a cute dress!

You will need:
30 - 40 sponges (the more you have the longer the dress)
about 3 ShamWows
a sewing machine
embroidery thread and a needle
Hot glue gun
A black thick belt or black fabric

I went to the dollar store to buy the sponges and the ShamWows. I've found it to be the least expensive option. The sponges I bought do not have the little scrubby side, and consequently cost less for more.

Step 1: The Top

First, take two ShamWows and place them on top of each other. Sew the sides to fit your torso/ bust.
For the strap you may need to sew two ShamWows together at the ends to make the strap longer (I only used one). Baste the end of the unused ShamWow and pull the thread to get a pinched look. Sew over the bottom pinched part so that it will stay in place. Put the top part on and pin were the strap should go. To attach the strap to the dress, hot glue the pinched part to the inside of the top so you can't see the glue. You can also sew it, but I've found hot glue to be much easier!

Step 2: The Skirt Part

Take your sponges and your threaded needle. Place the sponges next to each other and sew them together at the sides. Try to avoid seeing the thread. Be careful not to pull to hard and rip the sponges they can be very easy to rip! Sew one line of sponges so they go around your waist. Continue to make lines of sponges so that they fit around you and make the skirt as long as you wish to have it!

Step 3: The Belt

When I made my dress I just used a regular big black elastic belt to pull the dress together. If you don't have a black belt I would recommend using a black piece of fabric to make the dress seem complete. To attach the skirt to the top I hand stitched them together. Ta-da! Your dress is finished!

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