Introduction: Spooky Glow in the Dark Spider Decor( Outdoor)

These are very cute and will jazz up your Halloween style! These DIY little spiders are made with just toilet paper rolls and glow sticks! These cheap easy DIY spooky spiders only have four steps to them! So you can do it then with family, friends, and your kids! I hope that you enjoy these and you have a safe and fun Halloween!🎃🤠😱


1: scissors
2: hole puncher
3: tape measurer
4: 2 or more toilet paper rolls
5: 4 or more glow sticks( 2 per toilet paper roll)
6:2 or more feet of yarn
7: sharpie( of any color)

Step 1: Step One: Drawing Eyes

Drawing eyes on your toilet paper roll is fairly simple. You can draw what ever shape of eyes you want! You can draw curves, mad eyes( like example) can use sharpie or pencil( but you can see the sharpie better than the pencil on the toilet paper roll) but you can use what ever is the most convenient.

Step 2: Step 2 Hole Punching

Make 4 holes 2- on the top above the eyes 4- on the back this is for the the legA.K.A the glow stick and on the top the string( optional) for hanging on branches.

Step 3: Step 3: Measuring and Attaching the Yarn( Optional)

This is an optional step so you can skip the step to the next one if you do not want a string . First cut the string so that it is 12 inches or 1 foot long then you attach it to one of the top holes by tying it on. and repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Step 4: Cutting the Eyes and Other Facial Features Out.

Now it is time to cut out the eyes! Tip: a tip I have found is that if you punch a hole in the middle of your eyes or other facial features then it’s a lot easier to cut then trying to get the scissors into the facial features and ending up ripping. So basically you’re just cutting out the facial features right now eyes, mouth, eyebrows, etc.

Step 5: Final Step!

You’re almost there! Now it’s time to attach the glow stick legs first crack them so they’re going and make sure that it’s Halloween night if you were doing this a couple days before make sure to save this step!because you don’t want to have to keep replacing it every day ,anyway, so once you crack them you thread them through the holes on either side and there should be two glow sticks per toilet paper roll so thread them through as seen in picture above and there you go! Oh ya and don’t forget to tape the legs down so that they don’t fall out!An easy and fun craft or diy decor idea! Happy Halloween!